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One Stop Shop for Your Jewelry Needs

Jewelry can make you feel unique. It has an incredible transformative power.

My toil of almost 4 decades has made me more and more resolute to offer the finest jewelry with which you can leave a sparkle wherever you go. It all began in 1978 when I had started my jewelry career at Meyer Jewelry with John Whitten. It was under the guidance of Mr. Whitten where I honed my skills and cultivated a love for manufacturing and repairing fine jewelry. This love ignited a passion that stirred me to act. I started learning with the help of books, basic hand tools, experience from skilled craftsmen, and every other source I found conducive to gain the knowledge about metal smithing and transforming it into a priceless gem.

With the hard work and experience gained over the years, I started my own business in the February of 1984. Since then, it has been a journey not sparing in delights. Technology, tools and equipment have changed but the enthusiasm to bring the best out of my endeavors hasn’t. The satisfaction on a customer’s face after being embellished with the perfect jewel is still the greatest motivating force.

From Monday to Saturday you can make an appointment for the design and consultation of your gem. Being your jeweler is a matter of gratification for us and we make sure it becomes yours’ as well.

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