It is VERY important to maintain and keep your fine jewelry checked as often as possible. The days of putting on your wedding ring or important piece of jewelry and never taking it off are over. Todays designs while much more splendid and creative require checking and cleaning and maintenance to keep gems secure and sparkling. We want to keep your jewelry looking just as dazzling and brilliant as the day you picked it up.

Soap , hand cream, etc cloud the gems and keep their natural beauty hidden, please bring in your fine jewelry at least 3 times a year ( we appreciate more often …in fact as often as you like) so that the same pride you felt the first day you put it on you will feel everyday. A bent prong or a lost tip can go unnoticed if not professionally checked and can result in lost gems. Rings worn everyday often take abuse un-noticed…even clapping…one ring against the other can cause damage to the shank and loosen gems. You must treat your fine designs as you would anyother fine crafted object with care and professional upkeep. If you’d like sign up and we will email you to remind you to bring in your gems on a regular basis.