Starting in 1978 (as a senior at Raytown High) at Meyer Jewelry working with John Whitten I began my jewelry career. Working for Mr. Whitten at Meyer Jewelry I learned about diamonds and precious metals and gems. Always interested in how things worked and were put together I became interested in the manufacturing and repair of fine jewelry. I then purchased whatever books on the subject I could find , the basic hand tools and dedicated myself to learning this age old trade of metal smithing. Helped along the way by skilled craftsman I developed my own skills and then in February of 1984 I started my own business…and its been a great adventure…The equipment has changed a great deal …from a single tank acetylene torch to the newest most sophisticated software and Laser welders… the equipment and the surroundings have changed but the passion and the love of what I do has not… there is nothing more pleasing than helping someone select one of the most important purchase of their life… their diamond engagement ring. Call and make an appointment for your design and diamond and gem consultation. We are available Monday through saturday for your convienance. WE lOVE being your jeweler and having you refer your friends and family….because we have given you what you want…one on one customer service and TRUE original design.